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Published on 30 September, 2019, in Raketspel.

The Success Story Continues…

Today we are Game of the Day in App Store. We are so proud to get such great feature in 146 countries. And And in addition to this, we recently passed 20 million downloads. We Dig This!


Dig This!

Published on 15 May, 2019, in Raketspel.

Just dig with your fingers — and guide the ball to the cup. It’s easy, yet challenging. There is often a trick to solve the levels, sometimes you need take advantage of the objects’ speed, sometimes you need to make objects collide, but often it is enough to use your intuitive thinking.


  • Inventive and unique gameplay.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Realistic Physics.
  • 100 levels, designed with love.
  • Encourages logical thinking and creativity.
  • Discover new features like bombs and multi-colored balls.
  • 3D-graphics.
  • Solutions are available, if you get stuck.

New Game Release!

Published on 14 June, 2018, in Raketspel.

Right in time for World Cup 2018, we launch Solid Soccer Cup – a new football built on our popular Solid Soccer game. We have further developed the gameplay, here are the major updates:
• Single Player! You can enjoy playing this game offline without stress.
• World Cup Format. Play for your country and advance in the cup toward the final!
• Improved AI-teams making it really challenging.
• Large pitch. Enables you to play football using realistic strategies.
• Transfer players. Sell your team players that you do not need.
Take the challenge and honor your country, getting them the trophies they deserve!


Try our new skiing game!

Published on 16 February, 2018, in Games, Raketspel, Spel.

Just in time for Winter Olympics, we release this cool skiing game for iOS and Android. We build it for the Swedish newspaper Afronbladet, and that’s why it’s in all in Swedish. But it’s not that hard to understand, just tap-and-hold to accelerate, release in the curves, try to keep yourself on the track.

The game is called Guldsprinten, you find it here: App Store  and Play Store


Two Birds v2.0 is live!

Published on 25 October, 2017, in Raketspel.

We have been working for a long time with this update. We have listened to all the feedback we have received from our fans. Now we are so proud to release this new version. I hope you will enjoy it!

Some of the new features:
• New and improved graphics!
• New dictionary feature: Look up if a word is valid, and check what it means (iOS only)
• New Achievement: “Rare Bird” – Play a word that nobody has ever played before.
• Earn free hints by watching video ads.
• Watch replay of games (iOS only).
• Take screenshots from within the game.
• Game Info: View all the moves in a game, and the clocks.
• Now you can upload your own profile photo.
• And last but not least: Improved walkover rules in the Leagues!

Get it on Google Play On the App Store


We’re launching our new game!

Published on 7 February, 2017, in Raketspel.

Solid Soccer!

We are launching Solid Soccer globally. It is a multiplayer football game for iOS and Apple TV.

Like in other popular online games, you will be matched against random players from all over the world, and to win you need to think strategically: find free spaces, play a quick one-two to lure the opponent and then maybe pass your left forward who you have secretly trained with maximum shot power.

The simple interaction – pull back and release to pass or shoot – is brilliant. And when you do not have the ball you do the same thing to tackle the opponent.

A match takes about two minutes to play. If you win the game, you get a reward card. This way you can win the new Star Players, Boosts, Coins and Training Points. The more you play, the more cards you win, and the stronger team you can build.

We have worked over a year with this production. It has been a real challenge and we have overcome a many obstacles. Having full teams, totally 22 football players on the field, animated in 60 FPS with bones and skinning, was one big challenge. Another challenge was the real-time multiplayer functionality. Per has written detailed article about the technical solution.

Download Solid Soccer on the App Store.


Go racing on the new Apple TV

Published on 2 November, 2015, in Raketspel.

Last week the new Apple TV was launched. Apart from the usual stuff the new box allows you to play Pico Rally with friends! Up to four people can join a race and you use your iPhone app as remote control. Simple, fun and faster than ever!

Get the iOS version here!

(With the magic of iCloud and Game Center it will appear on your brand new Apple TV.)


WordCollapse, better than ever

Published on 1 September, 2015, in Raketspel.


We have updated our word puzzle WordCollapse. Quite a bit actually… With new graphics, navigation and menus it’s more fun than ever to find names, words and quotes!

Get it today from th App store or Google Play



Help wanted

Published on 4 June, 2015, in Raketspel.

We are giving WordCollapse a total make-over and we need testers from all over the world with all types of devices – iOS and Android.

If you want to help us, please follow this link and be ready to report for duty on Monday!


Two Birds for Android

Published on 12 March, 2015, in Raketspel.

Finally we have an Android version of  Two Birds – our great word game!

If you haven’t downloaded it already, do it today! If you don’t have an Android, get one! Or at least tell your Android friends…

Download Two Birds from Google Play

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