Two Birds

Published on 10 June, 2013, in Featured.

Two Birds – new iOS title from Raketspel
The creators of WordCollapse go beak-to-beak

Raketspel, one of Sweden’s top developers of casual games, have launched their new word game – Two Birds. It’s available for download in the App Store.

Two Birds is a casual and tactic word-finder where two players take turns picking tiles. The longest word may not be the best pick in this game – you need to go for the valuable gold tiles and most of all keep an eye on the birds…

The game gets more exciting with each move and you need to really think ahead to get away with the win.

To add some extra spice, Two Birds uses Raketspel’s own League Center platform. With a simple click the players join a league tree, get nine games a week and fight to get to that top division.

“We love word games here at Raketspel”, says CEO Johan Höglund, “but Scrabble takes too long and the timed games stress you out. So we came up with this – a tactic game that won’t take ages to play but still you can take your time and think about the next move. We’re really happy with the result!”

Download the game (free):

YouTube trailer:

High-res icon, screens and company logo can be downloaded here:

About Raketspel
With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Raketspel have entertained a big number of players since the start back in 2000. Originally focused on web games with over 100 productions, the company now is 100% mobile.

Their biggest hit so far is the iOS game “WordCollapse” with over 2 million downloads.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Höglund
CEO Raketspel

+46 703 21 68 50

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