We’re launching our new game!

Published on 7 February, 2017, in Raketspel.

Solid Soccer!

We are launching Solid Soccer globally. It is a multiplayer football game for iOS and Apple TV.

Like in other popular online games, you will be matched against random players from all over the world, and to win you need to think strategically: find free spaces, play a quick one-two to lure the opponent and then maybe pass your left forward who you have secretly trained with maximum shot power.

The simple interaction – pull back and release to pass or shoot – is brilliant. And when you do not have the ball you do the same thing to tackle the opponent.

A match takes about two minutes to play. If you win the game, you get a reward card. This way you can win the new Star Players, Boosts, Coins and Training Points. The more you play, the more cards you win, and the stronger team you can build.

We have worked over a year with this production. It has been a real challenge and we have overcome a many obstacles. Having full teams, totally 22 football players on the field, animated in 60 FPS with bones and skinning, was one big challenge. Another challenge was the real-time multiplayer functionality. Per has written detailed article about the technical solution.

Download Solid Soccer on the App Store.

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